Pest Control Methods To Use In 2019

Pests pose serious threats to human beings, animals and even plants. There are many different kinds of pests such as fungus, rats, termites, and feral dogs. Pest control has been a serious concern for many people since they attack our food, furniture and even use us as their food source. Over the years, there have been several types of pest control methods that have been proved effective. They will be discussed below.

Hygiene As A Method Of Pest Control

When our houses and yards are kept clean, there is no food for the pests to feed on and breed. This will lead to no or fewer pests. Some of these ways include:

• Keeping food in containers with tight-fitting lids.

• Putting all the rubbish in the bin.

• Wrapping all food scraps in a paper before throwing them in the bin.

• Ensure that the toilet is clean.

• Use fly screens to stop pests from entering the house.

• Ensure that the septic tanks and the holes around the pipes are well sealed.

• Clean up after meals.

There will be fewer chances of using pesticides if the hygiene factor is addressed properly.

Biological Pest Control

It involves using another living organism to control the population of pests. It controls mites and insects. It is mainly used in greenhouses but can also be used in the outdoors. Natural enemies of the pests such as parasites and pathogens are introduced to interfere with the breeding of these pests. It is environmentally safe for your family and even natural wildlife as compared to using pesticides. The success of this method, however, depends on the using of the appropriate species under the right conditions.

Chemical Pesticides

There are many chemical pesticides today in the market. They are dangerous since they contaminate land, food, air and the water we use. It affects the living organisms nearby and also the people using them. They can be found in liquid, aerosol and solid form. They are grouped according to the type of pests that they eliminate such as herbicides for plants, insecticides for killing insects and bactericides for bacteria. Ensure that you read the label before handling them to ensure that you use them appropriately. Avoid also contaminating any food that is uncovered, utensils and also drinks. If you have a problem handling these pesticides by yourself, you could contact the pest control service to help you with it and advise you on how to go about it.

Organic Pest Control

Many people prefer to go for the natural methods that only kill the pests and do not harm any plants or animals in the process. Therefore, predator traps and baits are used to kill these pests. Sodium fluoroacetate is a poison mixed into these baits to kill them. It is the most cost effective way of eradicating pests in a difficult territory. Oil sprays and insecticidal soap may also be used.

If you want a pest free house, you should ensure that you maintain the highest level of hygiene in the home. Using pesticides to discourage pests should be the last option that you have.